Below are some testimonials kindly supplied by clients:-

I am a full-time carer to my husband who had a stroke five years ago. I find the Reiki sessions keep me balanced, keep my stress levels low and help with my depression. They also give me an hour to myself of total relaxation. I have also had pain in my knee and back which has completely gone. I wouldn’t be able to cope with my life without the sessions of Reiki

D.C, Worthing

I am a person who does not consider himself spiritual, but I was very surprised to find a marked improvement in my mood and energy levels after couple of sessions with Susan.  I have a stressful job and often come home tired and moody; after my first Crystal treatment with Susan last week I came home from work with more energy than I’d felt in a long time.  The atmosphere is extremely relaxing, and I often find myself dozing off during the treatment

D.B, Littlehampton

As soon as I arrived for my Reiki session I was put at ease. Everything was explained clearly and I was given plenty of time after my healing for a friendly chat. During my Reiki sessions I felt completely at ease, relaxed and calm. I found it to be an uplifting and spiritual experience and after each session I felt well in both mind and body. I would highly recommend Susan to anyone seeking healing and guidance

B.H, Littlehampton

Susan’s presence and the atmosphere within the Crystal room are very calming and welcoming. I find that visiting once a week helps me to cope and manage any problems that may arise from time to time. The treatment is very peaceful, quiet and natural and the Reiki and crystal combination work well for me. Susans’ skill and knowledge come to the fore, owing to the well-being and sense of serenity I feel after each treatment. Susan also helps me to understand the questions I put to her and has taught me how to relax and relieve stress when I am on my own

L.S, Littlehampton

It was an absolute joy to have the opportunity to view your personal crystal file Sue. Not only is it a work of art, but the energy radiating from it is heart-warming and healing in itself. this is the first time I’ve experienced this and see it as a wonderful gift. Your love and enthusiasm for your healing work radiates from the pages and tell about the true Healer you are. As you already know healing is the main part of your ‘Personal Blueprint’ in this lifetime; you have come to bring healing as your gift to humanity. With your natural enthusiasm and the easy way you have with people you will achieve much – you are a committed healer in the highest sense

Lettie Vantol, Principal of The Vantol College of Crystal Therapy