All course content is currently under revision, please check back later in 2022 for course dates, duration and prices. Thank you.

The courses I teach are non-traditional Usui Reiki First Degree, Second Degree, and Third Degree Master/Practitioner and Master/Teacher. All of the courses are certificated and range in studying hours from 20 – 25 in accordance with each level. Full attendance is required to receive a certificate.

A manual of all the areas covered in each level is also supplied, and for those courses that offer optional extras, alternative class dates will be arranged. The classes are small in size so as to enable everyone to get the most out of the time and have as much practice as possible. Classes may also be arranged on a one-to-one basis if that is what you prefer.

Students are encouraged to share freely any questions or thoughts within the class. I find that many discussions are thought provoking and informative to all when approached, and it is refreshing to listen to new ideas about healing, as it always encourages personal growth and advancement in the healing field. All of the levels include attunements to the Reiki energy.

I would also like to add that I am always available to students after courses have ended for ongoing support and any questions they may have. For information regarding course dates please contact me.


This initial level allows the person to study the teachings and history of Reiki and understand the basics of how Reiki works within the energy system. It teaches you how to apply Reiki in your life and practice on yourself, friends and family.

The course includes:

The history of Reiki

Reiki Principles

Preparation of a Reiki treatment

Chakras and the Etheric Body

Reiki hand positions

Reiki guidelines

Practical exercises and meditation

Keeping a 21-day diary to reflect on personal growth


This second level enables you to qualify as a practitioner and work with members of the public. You will also be able to set up your own practice and acquire insurance on gaining your certifcate. You will learn three of the sacred Reiki symbols and will be able to give non-contact healings to clients. A minimum time of three months is required after completion of first degree Reiki, as any subtle changes that may occur have time to balance themselves out. This level greatly enhances your healing ability and leads to much inner growth and greater understanding of the Reiki energy. Basic use of crystals and gemstones is an optional extra and will provided for in a separate workshop if required.

The course includes:

Three Reiki symbols and their uses

Distance healing techniques

Beaming and Scanning

Clearing a space

Auric levels

Understanding illness

Four client studies – two distance and two contact healing

Further meditations

Practitioner guidance

Basic use of crystals and gemstones (optional)


This is a higher practitioner level and enables you to use the sacred Master symbols in your healing sessions. As your inner vibration is raised, so you find that your healing abilities are heightened, enabling you to take on board challenging healing tasks. Much inner growth arises from this level of awareness and practitioners at this level have a greater understanding of what it is to be a healer and their own unique style and approach to healing. The use of crystals, dowsing techniques and sound in Reiki healing is an optional extra and will be provided for in a separate workshop if required.

The course includes:

Two Master symbols and their uses

Higher Reiki techniques of using all symbols

Further meditation techniques

Understanding Reiki as a higher force

Self advancement and personal healing

Using sound as a healing tool (optional)

Dowsing techniques and further use of crystals and gemstones (optional)


This is the highest level to obtain in Reiki and is for those who feel that they would like to teach Reiki and provide attunements to others. A good working practice of Reiki before the course is vital as personal development and a good understanding of the healing energy systems is essential to advocate and maintain Reiki as a sacred force.
This level allows you to attune others to the Reiki energy up to Master/ Teacher level and will help you to understand your own healing and teaching style . It will also promote personal growth, self confidence in your work as a healer and encourage you to enhance and hone your own healing abilities. You are very welcome to attend my teaching courses free of charge to help you teach your own classes and advice is also given regarding setting up your own business.

The course includes:

One attunement symbol

Further use of all the Master symbols

The attunement process

Microcosmic Orbit

Teaching techniques

Advanced healing techniques

Personal healing work